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Tuesday March 1, 2011
6pm to 8:30pm

London Intercommunity Health Center
659 Dundas St E
London, Ontario

Trans Information Night
Open to anyone who knows and/or is a part of a trans person's life. Family, Friends, Allies, Partners and Loved ones. The evening will include an hour presentation on the Trans experience as well as answering questions. There will be social time, and time to ask private questions. Printed Material, brochures and information will be available.

To register call (416) 986-4406 or email Michelle@DiversityTrainingLive.com

“There are, arguably, few groups in our society today who are as disadvantaged and disenfranchised as transgenderists and transsexuals. Fear and hatred of transgenderists and transsexuals combined with hostility toward their very existence are fundamental human rights issues.” - Ontario Human Rights Commission