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Division of Diversity Training Live


What we do

We provide light, non-confrontational workshops designed to breakdown the oppressive constructs of society in a fun, entertaining manner. We tell our personal stories on how oppression has affected our lives, the lives of our friends, families and co-workers. We define terminology and help people understand the language that marginalizes communities.


HR / Management

We provide strategies to help management deal with an employee coming out in the workplace. How to manage the challenges around human rights, washrooms, morale and other employees who simply cannot accept the person.

Youth (Schools, Daycares, Shelters, etc.)

Our youth workshops are geared to the age of the people involved. Our language, topics covered and sensibilities of the audience are taken in consideration. Our youth workshops can be used to solve problems when trans issues are introduced (ie. trans or queer parent) or as general education.

On the Job

When an employee comes out in the workplace they are confronted with a lot of questions by co-workers. This is a natural progression which is unfair to the individual involved. Our workshops are geared to answer those questions, deal with the bathroom issue, and generally educate the employee’s co-workers so they can co-exist in the workplace in unity.

Community Groups

We do workshops for any group who needs our services.